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Peggle Deluxe Buy Augmentin Over The Counter, I'm a long-time gamer, but for the past couple of years I've been more drawn to the so-called casual gaming trend. Peggle, Augmentin japan, 150mg Augmentin, from PopCap, is my current favorite, Augmentin craiglist. 250mg Augmentin, If you own (or are trying out) the game, check out this Instant Replay of my one-ball, Augmentin us, 30mg Augmentin, 1.7 million point lucky shot. (Save it to your ../Peggle(TM) Deluxe/userdata/replays folder, 20mg Augmentin, Augmentin coupon, and then eat your heart out.)

PopCap is also responsible for Zuma Deluxe, Augmentin australia, Augmentin paypal, another brilliant little game that never really wears out its welcome.

Video of the historic(?) shot:
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  1. Carol

    just plain luck??
    It’s the only level I have left and all my challences will be complete.
    The 750.000 point challence and all levels 100% cleared.
    Man, what would I give for a shoot like that, awsome

  2. ·

    I’d hate to call it 100% luck, since I’d worked on that shot for several hours before I actually hit it. However… you can see from the video that I got a very lucky bounce after missing the straight shot I’d tried for.
    It’s not impossible, and if you play that level enough (it’s my favorite one) you’ll eventually hit one like that shot. Just try for a gap near the bottom of the helix, and hope for the best!

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