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Discount Petcam, If anyone is still harboring any doubts that the corporate media are actively shaping and steering the 2008 US Presidential Election, they should take a good look at what's happening this week.

After raising over $19,000,000 in the Q4 '07 and bringing in more campaign cash in a single day than any other presidential candidate ever, Ron Paul has been excluded as a participant in the upcoming Fox News Republican forum. Their reasoning, Petcam paypal. Petcam craiglist, There's not enough room in their studio.

ABC News has decided to "narrow the field" of candidates for their upcoming prime-time debates based on the results of Thursday's Iowa Caucus.

Do they really think this is what we need at this stage of what might be the most pivotal national election in our lifetimes, 250mg Petcam. 100mg Petcam, Fewer ideas, less disagreement, 500mg Petcam, 20mg Petcam, milder debate, and no representation for an obvious grassroots movement that's demanding real change in these critical times, Petcam india. Petcam australia, Polls, if you believe the polls, Petcam uk, Petcam ebay, show Ron Paul currently either even with or ahead of Thompson and Giuliani in Iowa. They can ignore the fundraising records, 1000mg Petcam, Petcam mexico, fueled by 10s of thousands of individual donors. They can ignore the spontaneous, Petcam japan, 50mg Petcam, enthusiastic volunteerism and energy of the Ron Paul supporters across the country. But will they be able to ignore a significant showing for RP in the Iowa Caucus when all the votes are counted, 200mg Petcam. 750mg Petcam, And maybe the bigger question is, with the last two Presidential elections in mind: Will they allow it, Petcam usa. Petcam us. 10mg Petcam. Petcam canada. 150mg Petcam. Petcam overseas. 30mg Petcam. 40mg Petcam. Petcam coupon.

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