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Buy Vermox No Prescription, At first glance this might not seem like such a big deal, but on reflection I think a human-versus-computer match on Jeopardy. 40mg Vermox, would be an amazing thing to watch.

leeroyjenkins-jeopardyAs I understand the challenge, Vermox japan, Vermox mexico, it's going to be less about being a vast trivia repository (where the computer could obviously dominate) and more reliant on breakthroughs in human-language AI. People are usually going to muff a Daily Double because they don't know the answer; the computer, 30mg Vermox, Vermox canada, on the other hand, will blow it far more often because it doesn't precisely understand the question, Vermox coupon. Vermox craiglist, (Okay, I understand that on Jeopardy, 1000mg Vermox. the question is the answer and vice versa, but you know what I mean.)

Consider this Jeopardy "answer," for example, under "Misnomers" for $400:

Despite its name, some paleontologists don't think this ancient animal was even part of the cat family."

This is no simple Google search, Buy Vermox No Prescription. 200mg Vermox, In this game, the name of the category usually provides an oblique clue, 20mg Vermox, 500mg Vermox, the phrasing of the answer is subtly and cleverly helpful in a variable way depending on the money at stake, etc, Vermox australia. Vermox india, You probably came up with "saber-tooth tiger" immediately when you looked at the line above, but imagine what a computer would have to overcome in order to achieve the same result in a reasonable amount of time, 750mg Vermox. Vermox us, And that's a comparatively easy one. Like I said, Vermox ebay, Vermox paypal, I think this contest would really be something to see.

More on the story here from the New York Times. (The site might require a free registration.)

If you've got a few hours to kill, 50mg Vermox, Vermox overseas, check out the Jeopardy Archive here., 150mg Vermox. 10mg Vermox. 100mg Vermox. 250mg Vermox. Vermox usa. Vermox uk.

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