January 1, 2006 Uncategorized

jack_henderson.thumbnail Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I’ve had plans to begin posting again for quite a long time, and this is either the start of a new commitment, or just an empty flash in the pan. Let’s find out which it is.

A quick disclaimer: I link to a lot of external sites here that are relevant to whatever I’m currently writing. The sum of all of these snippets don’t really add up to my personal feelings on things, or my opinions about the world. They’re interesting to me, and I hope they’re interesting to you. And if I do write something news-related here that’s an opinion, that’s exactly what it is, just my opinion.

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  1. Just started your book and am very happy to have found it at the library. Haven’t perused your site here yet, but came to tell you that I am enjoying your work. Thanks, Vicki

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