Chapter 0

In this first chapter of Circumference of Darkness you get a brief walk-around of John’s apartment, in the course of absorbing the opening events of the story. (There’s even more detail of his place in the U.K. version of the book, Maximum Impact.)

His wall-sized media screen is a key feature of the living room, and some readers have asked me if such technology actually exists. It didn’t (for public consumption) in 2002 when this chapter was written, but today there are a few examples of how the interests of the Internet community are aggregated and displayed in a manner strikingly similar to John’s invention.

Take a look around at Digg Labs, for a fascinating look at this sort of graphical social interest-sharing. Try out BigSpy and Swarm, especially; they’re pretty close to how the underpinnings of John’s computer system brings him a moving picture of the world.

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