The Marching Morons
March 12, 2007 Uncategorized

SF author Ben Bova presents an essay on the prescience of science fiction, with particular emphasis on societal trends toward a dumbed-down populace. The theme of the story Bova references, The Marching Morons by CM Kornbluth, was somewhat echoed recently in Mike Judge’s film Idiocracy. Not really, but somewhat.

Point is, there are powerful interests in this world that benefit enormously from a lack of attention in the general public. If we don’t make the time and the effort to connect the dots (or even to see the dots in the first place), we’ll keep getting the kind of governance that puts our interests last on the list.

So Halliburton is moving their headquarters from Texas to Dubai, hmm? Let’s turn off the TV and dig a little deeper into that one…

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