Most vote machines lose test to hackers

Photo by Penni GladstoneInteresting story, but I’m going to take issue with the “hacker” implications. It’s probably just an editorial oversight, but the article seems to suggest that the threat here is from malicious computer hackers, as opposed to election insiders with a vested interest in skewing election results for their candidates. The hackers in this study just rooted out the vulnerabilities.


from John Wildermuth, for the San Francisco Chronicle

State-sanctioned teams of computer hackers were able to break through the security of virtually every model of California’s voting machines and change results or take control of some of the systems’ electronic functions, according to a University of California study released Friday.

The researchers “were able to bypass physical and software security in every machine they tested,” said Secretary of State Debra Bowen, who authorized the “top to bottom review” of every voting system certified by the state.

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