Maximum Impact now available in paperback! (U.K.)

Maximum Impact in paperback

The paperback release of Maximum Impact is now out on the shelves throughout the United Kingdom!

My friends  and colleagues at Sphere have done an outstanding job with this edition of the book, and I hope it finds its way into your hands. Read some reviews, think it over, and then by all means buy a copy or two at Amazon, Tesco, Asda, or a favorite bookseller near you.


  1. Ben

    Hi John, bought the book in the UK last week and couldn’t put it down, an absolutely fantastic read!
    It now sits proudly on my bookshelf ready to be re-read, so thanks for the excitement and i look forward to your next novel.


  2. Malcolm

    Hi John,
    I picked up your book from Asda on Sunday morning and I haven’t been able to put it down until now (all’s well that ends well).
    I felt the need to let you know how unstoppable I found the read.
    Simply put, one of the BEST novels I have read in years with just the right amount of detail and an extremely well thought out plot and detail that deceives the reader (who thinks they know what’s coming next) right to the end.
    A wonderful story, that Steven Spielberg or someone with the right budget would be easily able to make a blockbuster with. I live in hope. I also look forward to finding your next book on the shelves soon, but if you “need” any additional proof readers / contributors for the next one, please add me to your mailing list because I’m not sure if I can wait.
    I am now off to get some sleep to catch up on the last 36 hours !
    Many thanks

  3. ·

    Hi there John,

    Absolutely stunning novel. I can understand the ’24 meets Tom Clancy’ review.

    I await your second offering with the excitement of a child as Christmas approaches.

  4. ·

    I’m glad you liked it, Trevor. Working on the second book in the story now, which should be out on the shelves around this time next year…

  5. ·

    Thanks for that information Jack. Any chance that you can work Bert onto the cover of the new book? :)

  6. ·

    I think Bert has probably got some copyright issues, along with the other baggage hiding under that sweater-vest. On the subject of hidden messages and Easter Eggs in the book, though, there are actually quite a lot of them, especially in the old, self-published edition…

  7. Alan

    Love the book. I am in Australia and purchased the same paperback cover as above a month ago. Ive read most of John Grishams books but this is even better. You are the man!

  8. harry willett

    Great book jack kept me on the edge of my seat.
    sorry i can’t say i brought it as i have it on laon from the local library.
    they have copies in all mediums

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