Seven Seconds

Seven Seconds

As regular visitors here can attest, I’ve been generally quiet over the past few months, and specifically quiet where the new book is concerned.

I’m superstitious, I guess; until it was done, and I mean done, it just made me too nervous to talk about it. The blurb and the cover art were finished months before the book itself was complete, but I couldn’t even bring myself to look at the book’s catalog page on Amazon. While I realize that this is how things roll out it’s still kind of freaky to see the art and the language for a work that, until the last paragraph is actually on the page, doesn’t yet exist.

Seven Seconds does exist now, and I like it a lot.

Over the next week or so I’ll need to rearrange the site a little to give the book some space here, and if I can, I’ll put up some chapters that can give you a feel for the story before publication.

More soon….



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    Hey Jack, Great to hear the new book now ‘exists’ as you put it!
    Do you expect a hardback edition to be available in the UK anytime soon?

    BTW, I have just finished listening to Maximum Impact on Audio Book which is the 3rd time I’ve ‘read’ the book now – I still love it!

    Congratulations, and let us know in reader-land as soon as we can get our hands on ‘Seven Seconds’.

    Cheers, Stephen Halliday.

    P.S. I’ve linked your site on my website – I hope that is OK?

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    It’s fine to link here, any time you want.
    I’d thought I would have gotten the proofs of Seven Seconds back by now; I’ll check in today and see if they’re in, and if so I’ll put up some pages. The book is still due to be in U.K. stores in early May.
    By the way, is that the abridged or unabridged audiobook of MI that you’ve been listening to? I like them both, but if you’re enjoying one you’d probably get a kick out of trying the other. (I think the unabridged version is only available in libraries.)
    Thanks for writing,


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    The audiobook version is the abridged one, read by Kerry Shale, I bought it from iTunes a while back. Amazon(UK) have your new book listed so I placed my pre-order for a Hardback version yesterday – although I have to be honest, they have it at a pretty reduced price for some reason??
    They did confirm the order and as you say were expecting shipment around the 6th May – just in time for my birthday:)
    BTW, you’ve inspired me to try writing my own book – it is very early days, I have been noting down some ideas so I guess that is as good a place as any to start.
    Cheers, Stephen.

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    The unabridged audiobook is read by Jeff Harding. I’ve only got one copy of it myself, and if I can find it (the office is a little disorganized at the moment) I’ll put some of it up here so you can hear the different interpretation. I like them both, but I prefer the unabridged. The text for the version you have was reduced to 50,000 words from 150,000, and while that’s a fine piece of editing, the listener does miss out on a great deal of the story…

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